meme & i

i’ve been tagged by oscar de la palabra to write a six word memoir. here:

there must be a here here.

consider yourself tagged!


been so busy here with school. this past weekend was crazy because i presented a paper at a conference at UC berkeley called: “Crossing Borders: The Challenges ‘of’ and ‘for’ Ethnic Studies: A Commemoration of the 1969 Third World Liberation Front Strike, 6th Annual Conference of Ethnic Studies in California.” Longest title ever! i was on a panel called: “Pacific Islander Studies and (Re-)Emergent Knowledges.” my paper was named: “The Aesthetics of Indigenizing Articulations: On Native American and Native Pacific Literatures”.

it was my first ever ethnic studies conference, but i think i did ok. the paper i presented was kind of a collage of two essays i’m working on. the first thinks through “articulation theory” (clifford, hall, gramsci) and “indigenizing” (see linda tuhiwai smith’s decolonizing methodologies) to conceptualize indigenous literatures. the two examples i talked about in my paper was Acoma Pueblo writer Simon Ortiz and Samoan writer Albert Wendt.

we had a nice crowd (maybe around 30 people) and lots of fun after hanging out. keith camacho, a professor at UCLA & fellow chamorro, came all the way from SoCal to moderate the panel. in the pic above, there’s the rest of the panel: migetu tuncap (also from guam), me, fuifuilupe niumeitolu (from tonga) and keith.

this weekend, i have absolutely no (w) here to be. woohoo! i will dance to this song all the time:


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