who wants a free poetry book?

if you do, visit OMNIDAWN’s BLOG and try to win the contest!!!! only one winner, so go there now!!!


I really don’t get with all the Iowa poets are freaking out about their thesis manuscripts being online. I’m sure jorie graham will still pick it to win a contest.


Although I miss rigoberto at the poetry foundation blog, I’m so happy that linh dinh and ada limon are now blogging there….two of my favorite poets! i’ve reviewed both of ada’s books and i’ve read 3 of linh’s poetry books (tho i havent reviewed them for some reason). plus, linh is coming to berkeley to read this weekend! woohoo. i would like to hear ada read someday. someday.


someone said i was ‘down with brown’ and i had thot they meant brown university and was very confused. a new expression to me, but now i understand. ‘down with whitey’ has a much different meaning tho, apparently.


the spring issues of achiote press are almost done being proofed! make sure you buy our winter issues before it’s too late!!! check out our website if you havent already 🙂

i should also mention that one of achiote press’ special projects, an anthology of poetry by poets who graduated from the MFA program at the Univ of San Francisco, is hot off the press. (see the cover at the top of this post…pretty huh)!!! no paypal up yet, but if you want to reserve a copy, email me: csperez06 [at] gmail [dot] com. i have a poem in it 😉


do you like this song? if yes, dance with me please:


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