i survived the weekend

first, linh dinh at the holloway reading series. is linh one of my favorite poets? yes.

then on saturday, my friend seth harwood read in Oakland. he wrote the first ever crime novel podcast (www.sethharwood.com). there was even a reporter there from the san francisco chronicle–look for an article on seth in the upcoming datebook section.

later that night, i read at the artifact reading series in oakland. there was a great crowd…maybe 50-60 people?

after i read, david buuck gave an amazing performance, just in time for easter!

and leslie scalapino closed the night with a captivating reading. tho all the copies of her book sold out so i didnt get to buy one ;(

one of the best readings i’ve ever had the please of participating in. thanks artifact!!!



2 thoughts on “i survived the weekend

  1. Hey Craig,

    that was a great reading. Personally, I think you’ve struck literary gold with the mistranslations of the Chamorro Psalms.

    as for david buuck’s performance, my analytic mind feels it’s a version of Sisyphus: He kept starting over and repeated the verse/joke in different variations.

    of course, every inch of my catholic body thought of the stations of the cross.

  2. thanks javier!

    ah, i didnt think of sisyphus, but def see the connection.

    every inch of my catholic body is getting bigger and bigger and i plow thru all the chocolate i got from family 😉


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