this & that


just heard about March Abrazo Press. does anyone know their books? any recs?


did i mention that i have reviews in the new issue of Pleiades and First Intensity. both print journals so you cant read em unless you buy a copy. i do have an extra copy of the Pleiades if anyone wants to trade another current journal that you’ve already read. lots of reviews coming out recently, tho i feel sad because i havent writ a single review this month.


great discussions going on over at johannes’ blog.

so tempted to engage with the folks there, but just can’t find the mental energy. tho johannes blog is a nice antidote to this degenerate discussion over at Harriet.

tho i often disagree with reginald’s ideas, i still think he’s kind of retro-cool because of his rather conservative ideas about poetry and bad-ass attitude. plus, no one writes blog posts like he does.

also, there’s a pretty nice feature on reginald in the Pleiades issue.


i heard from david buuck at the reading on saturday that one of my favorite peoples in the world was in town for a brief moment: jules boykoff! hint hint to the current blog title


so i actually read from my in-progress second book on saturday. kind of scary, but i thot it might be fun since i’ve been working on it recently. it’s called ‘to know allowance of water’ and is kind of mythological, rolling from HD to Duncan to Mackey (as i mentioned at the reading). would like to write an essay someday on those three and the use of myth in their work. maybe the summer–

O sweet summer of my dreams come for me!



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