New Lakes Poetry Radio Show & NEW REVIEW LIVE


today i met brandon shimoda (his back pictured above) & rob schlegel, two poets from Missoula, Montana who are traveling through Idaho, California, Oregon and back to Montana visiting with and recording poets for the New Lakes poetry radio show (KBGA 89.9 FM, Missoula). their meeting place was catherine meng’s home in berkeley. first time meeting catherine, who seems very nice and who also studied in montana.

it was a cool little setup: a mic and a laptop. i read from my new chapbook Preterrain, for about 5 minutes. after reading in front of the artifact audience on saturday, it was very odd to just read into a mic. tho i’m excited to listen to all the poets they are recording (apparently a website will contain all the audio, and i think they are also making a boxset). i have to say, brandon and rob are supercool. i really admire their sense of travel and poetry–sounds like a great way to spend spring break. i got to talk to each of them for a few minutes, but would love to see them again someday. oh hey, brandon has a chapbook coming out from Corollary press also!!!!! i look forward to it.

the only person i got to listen to recording was Stephen Vincent (pictured above). he read from his book Walking Theory and the work/reading of the work is/was quite amazing. very much enjoyed talking to him for a minutes before i had to leave.


besides that, ‘C St Perez’ has his first ever “featured review” over at Rattle Online. on Emmy Perez’s Solstice.



2 thoughts on “New Lakes Poetry Radio Show & NEW REVIEW LIVE

  1. I read an article in the Washington Post earlier this week about this technology now available, on the web, that allows one to produce your own radio show on the web. It seemed pretty cool, and offers interesting possibilities for poetry. It sounds like that train has already left the station. Let me know where/how one can listen to these recordings.

  2. interesting possibilities indeed. even tho some folks are doing this, it seems very much an underexplored vehicle (tho perhaps i am only unawares). then, is it all that different from the Podcasts (like at the Foundation?) or the audio over at Fishouse, as far as web access.

    i’ll let you know as soon as i know.


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