it’s raining reviews


apparently, ‘craig santos perez’ was a bit jealous that ‘c st perez’ had so many new reviews out that he had to one up: dig the inaugural issue of the Latino Poetry Review (LPR), where ‘craig santos perez’ has a review of Alfred Arteaga’s Frozen Accident and an interview with Alfred about Frozen Accident.

i’ve already read all the reviews and they are all fantastic. i’ve also read the interviews and they are amazing. there’s a conversation between javier huerta and miguel murphy which will blow your mind. it reads like a collaboration prose poem, i swear–i’m jealous of people who can write such nice prose. i havent read the essays yet…but am excited about the pieces (actually, the piece by rich villar appeared in the inaugural issue of achiote seeds (sorry, sold out long ago).

i don’t want to overplay LPR, but i sincerely think its presence marks an important moment not only for Latino poetry, but for ethnic poetry in general. how many online journals of CRITICAL WRITING dedicated solely to ethnic writing has there been? probably a handful? i cant name any (help!). i would love to see more online journals like this, providing a critical space for other ethnic groups.

on francisco’s blog, he writes: “LPR is one gesture among a number of gestures that attempt to showcase, critically, what’s happening in the field.” In the preface to The Wind Shifts, francisco expressed how he hoped the anthology would be “but the first gesture.” OCHO #15, which i reviewed also, is but another gesture. 3 different publishing forms (university antho, online journal, & small press POD) all originating from a similar gesture to create a space for latino poetry and poetics. and that’s not even mentioning letras latinas, momotombo press, montoya poetry prize, palabra pura, poetas y pintores, and many more. and he writes damn good poems too! powerful, inspiring gestures.

the launch of LPR quelled my sadness about the Outside Voices Anthology, of which i had poem in (along with 399 other suckers), being abandoned. this just reminds me that editing can be a very fragile art.

speaking of editing, i am very happy that achiote press has so many intersections with LPR: we published javier, francisco, and monica de la torre in our last issue of achiote seeds (sold out). we published rich’s work and alfred’s work (in our summer issue, also sold out).

wow, i havent been this excited about an online journal ever.



2 thoughts on “it’s raining reviews

  1. Craig,

    thanks for your comments about the conversation. I do believe most of the credit goes to Miguel. He is so imaginative and insightful. I felt I was outmatched the whole time.

    Your review of Frozen Accident is great. I can’t believe you stole my interview with Arteaga. I love Villar’s piece; do I have that issue?

    I recommend Blas’s essay.

  2. hey javier,

    thanks for your kind words. well, my interview was pretty simple & focused, i’m sure yours would be much more interesting.

    you know when magellan first ‘landfallen’ on guam, he named the island group, ‘islas de los ladrones’ because my people ‘stole’ things from his ships. so, it’s in my blood. i have a poem about it here:

    i think you have that issue, it’s our very first one.

    i will read blas’ essay now 😉

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