more mission work


barbara points us towards something better. have you gotten your issue of OCHO 16 yet?


two online multi-media poetry sites that are so incredible different. the first (which oscar linked to) is so incredible i could hardly take my eyes and ears off it today. from kwame dawes, with music by kevin simmonds–the site is called: HOPE: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica.

the second site also uses media, but merely sound. very interesting pieces here.


and check out the first issue of FOU, some great folks there.


today i received a poetry acceptance. it’s been quite a long time so i am very happy. the journal is called diode, edited by patty paine. like FOU, so many wonderful poets in their current issue. if you have time, you MUST read the first poem by DIDI MENENDEZ. love it.



2 thoughts on “more mission work

  1. Thank you —

    I sometimes do not say gracias because it reminds me of something my mother used to say — She would joke: Gracias hacen los monos en el parque.


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