No Vacancy at the Mission Inn


damn. i thought i could finally quit NaBlogWrMo, but alas–nicholas commented so i shall fulfill my bloggerly duties.

first, i officially end my discussion of ______’s work. thanks to all those who commented, and i apologize if i offended anyone.


today i listened to the new POEM TALK. i’ve been following this series since the first podcast, and i really enjoy the conversation…especially since linh dinh is one of the regulars. the cool thing about the new one is that one of my new fave people contributes her voice: erica kaufman!

in the new poem talk, they talk about ted berrigan’s poem 3 pages. the most interesting part is when linh explains what would make an ‘i do this i do that’ poem successful. he says,

“i think the collage technique is the initial seduction. you have to juxtapose to create an interesting texture of language. that’s one hook to bring people in. then you throw in bits of insights, aphorisms, sly jokes–these are little nuggets you throw in. so you juxtapose the profundity with a banality.”

what wisdom! almost sounds like linh could be talking about his own poems, a peak into the process, a secret. tho perhaps what he’s saying is obvious just from reading linh’s work….and he makes it sound so simple.

what’s interesting to me also is the relationship between a ‘i do this i do that’ poem and collage. does anyone else find this odd. if you are employing collage, then doesn’t that betray the ‘i do this i do that’ spirit? doesn’t collage depersonize an o’harian personism? or does collage somehow expand the context of personism? am curious to hear people’s thoughts about this. and curious to see if linh can touch on this issue, if he reads this blog?



One thought on “No Vacancy at the Mission Inn

  1. Hi Craig,

    Sorry I missed you after my Berkeley reading. The collage technique is more often the “I notice this, I notice that,” a process that began with city living, specifically riding through it in a street car or car, and reading the collaged newspaper, and now, surfing through the collaged and incoherent internet while sitting in a busy coffee shop listening to your ipod. I’m no fan of multi-tasking, by the way. I just wrote a piece about Kenneth Goldsmith’s impersonality, unoriginality, there’s-no-self-to-investigate schitck. It’s over at my blog. I must run now, since I have to eat a breakfast burrito before I teach my class. Cheers!

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