Best Reading EVER. Long live Fresno!

5 thoughts on “Best Reading EVER. Long live Fresno!

  1. It wouldn’t have been the same with you there! Thanks for posting these, Craig. I posted a short report on my blog, with a full report and pictures to follow soon. It was great to see you and hear you read.

  2. Obviously, I mean “without you there”! Dan and Sasha and I were saying how important it was to have the Bay’s presence in the room. I love all the pictures, and the last one of the guys is a keeper.

  3. Aww, the guys look so tough! You’d never know they were poets.

    Blog title: The Signifying Monkey, Gates.

    That’s right, I’m back!


  4. thanks lee! OBVIOUSLY 🙂

    dun dun dun hillary’s back! woohoo! let’s do coffee cuz i want to hear all about the poet orgies in vermont 😉

    and you get a point!


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