and it dont stop!


yesternight, i went to a reading at moe’s in berkeley, featuring coffee house poets joseph lease, martha ronk, and marjorie welish. martha was kind enough to sign my copy of IN A LANDSCAPE OF HAVING TO REPEAT, one of my favorite books in recent years. such a joy to hear her read. a packed house at moe’s, with lots of my favorite people, including paul hoover, maxine chernoff, aaron shurin, todd melicker, rusty morrison & ken keegan & cassie (the omnidawn crew), and clayton banes. and i also got to meet/chat with richard silberg, co-editor of poetry flash. great to hear lease & welish, whose work i have never read but i’ve always heard good things. anyways, some pics:


5 thoughts on “and it dont stop!

  1. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou

    I somehow managed to not get your blog title contest until like five seconds ago, but now that I get it, I’m playin to win, bay-bay!

  2. Okay, now the title-guessing game is getting serious. Bring it on people! Maybe you could post at precisely the same minute every day Craig, to give us all an equal chance??

    I really don’t think that’s too much to ask . . . :0

    Also, perhaps we could try it with one-word book titles: for instance, replacing Lasky’s “Awe” with “Blog”, or Creeley’s “Words” with “Blogs”.

    That would make it a lot more difficult.

    Just a suggestion.

    Blog on!

  3. gary gets the point! hillary better look out!

    hey nicholas, you dont ask too much. i shall post at exactly 7:77 each night…that’s a lucky number!

    to make it even more difficult, how bout instead of “Leaves of Grass” i put “Blog of Blogs”.

    let the games begin!

  4. Man, I unhitch from the internet for one second and look what happens? Damn. I gotta get on at 7:77 each night so I don’t miss my chance!

    Yes, St. Perez! Let’s have coffee ASAP. I had highly strange and wonderful interactions with Alice Notley at Vermont. And others!



  5. “you had” “interaction” “with alice notley” “i am” “so jealous” “can’t wait” “to hear more” “about vermont”

    i’ll email 🙂

    your holiness

    hey, go to the omnidawn blog and play that game…there are REAL prizes over there!

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