will it ever end?


that’s right, another poetry reading tonight. this time, at pegasus, featuring rusty morrison (photo 1), barbara claire freeman (photo 2), and elizabeth robinson (photo 3). this was a very special to me because rusty was my teacher during the mfa at the u of san francisco, and now as you know i work with her for omnidawn publishing (have you been to the omnidawn blog yet? there is a really fun game / contest where you can win omnidawn books). not only that, but she is an AMAZING POET. her newest book, the true keeps calm biding its story, which won the sawtooth poetry prize, blows my mind. i cant recommend this book enough. check it out here.

i was also very excited to hear elizabeth robinson read. she used to teach at usf, but now she teaches at naropa. i’ve heard so many wonderful things about her work and her person…so it was a real treat to hear her read and to talk with her after.

the funny thing about this reading is that many of the people who were at the Moe’s reading on friday were at this reading. it was a mini-reunion. in attendance (of people that i recognized / talked to) were paul hoover, maxine chernoff, carol snow, alice jones, jaime robles, susanne dyckman, brian teare, todd melicker, stephen hemenway, chad vogler, brenda hillman, clayton banes (who was the host of course), val witte, ken & cassie (the omnidawn crew), and giovanni singleton. it was the first time i had met giovanni and she rules! only got to talk to her for a few minutes, but she is super nice.

anyhoo, here are the pics:


2 thoughts on “will it ever end?

  1. Keats! Keats! “If by dull rhymes…”

    Javier really should be beating me on this one, but I probably just woke up earlier.

    All I did this week, apparently, was miss awesome readings.


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