does posting pictures count as NaBlogWrMo?


a fun trivia contest at the omnidawn blog. we are even giving prizes for the funniest answer so give it a shot!

lots of great things in blogland: nicholas’ incredible prose piece (“So call my parsing diction, my wild syntactics foreign: only know, that in your naming, you are only situating these things deeper inside of myself, where they have their true home, and where the weight of their loving lies.”) and his take on contests / paid submissions.

and javier’s great post on american tomatoes and the newest in his “undocumented poem series.

an amazing poem by barbara.

an awesome recap of the fresno reading by oscar.

an interesting post by linh dinh at the harriet blog.

and check out this old issue of VQR. all essays on whitman. i am particularly interested in the pieces by writers ‘of color’ (esp: natasha trethewey, rafael campo, and meena alexander).

you should go to this reading of pacific islanders this friday, at the de young in san francisco.

Friday, April 18, 7:15 p.m., NZ born Samoan artist Rosanna Raymond, Samoan poet/painter/filmmaker Dan Taulapapa McMullin, and Cook Islander Jon Tunui will present performance poetry, “Spoken words in E-motion.” unfortunately, i will be in los angeles all weekend ;(

and finally, a few posts down, gary left a wonderful comment about collage, specifically describing Barbara Henning’s My Autobiography, which i havent read yet but it sounds really great. i just wanted to pull this passage from his comment as i am still thinking about collage:

“That’s another value of collage: one can use it to foreground aspects of some pre-existing text (or speech) in a way often more potent than via parady.”


p.s. i finally found where my email was online and have successfully removed it. now that no one i dont know can email me to bitch about my talk-shit, i will happily commence this age old pan-indigenous tradition (similar to talk-story, just shittier). what you don’t believe that talk-shit is an indigenous tradition? clearly you havent read aaron baker’s mission work. (click on the link!)



3 thoughts on “does posting pictures count as NaBlogWrMo?

  1. let’s bitch about your talk-shit together, soon!

    And, uh, I like the Adrienne Rich title — Dark Fields of the Republic.


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