‘california rescue me’


am headed for L.A. tomorrow for a reading on Saturday at BEYOND BAROQUE. if you are in Socal, come see me why dont ya:

19 April, Saturday — 7:30 PM
CALQUE & Friends: Literature in Translation

Calque is a new, triannual journal of literature in translation, edited by Steve Dolph and Brandon Holmquest. Tonight’s participants: SUZANNE JILL LEVINE has translated numerous Latin American writers; her books include, The Subversive Scribe: Translatinghttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif Latin American Fiction, and a literary biography Manuel Puig and the Spider Woman: His Life and Fictions. STEPHEN KESSLER’s new book of poetry is Burning Daylight (Littoral Press). His translation of Luis Cernuda’s prose poems, Written in Water (City Lights), received a Lambda Literary Award. He is author of more than a dozen volumes of translations from Spanish. CRAIG SANTOS PEREZ is co-founder of Achiote Press and author of two chapbooks: constellations gathered along the ecliptic (Shadowbox), and all with ocean views (Overhere). JEN HOFER is a translator, interpreter, educator, urban cyclist, and member of the puppet theater collective The Little Fakers. New poems, translations and collaborations can be found through Action Books, Atelos, Counterpath, Dusie Books, Kenning Editions, and Palm Press.


if you dont know CALQUE, you should check out their kickass blog. besides CIRCUMFERENCE
Calque is a must read if interested in translation…i have work in issue #2, and issue #4 is supposed to come out on saturday i believe. they also have a wonderful mailing list, so you should subscribe. if you translate, you should definitely submit.


anyways, besides the reading i plan to go to the beach and do some wine tasting. oh well, and i guess i have to bring some homework with me 😉 of the 13 years i’ve lived in america, i’ve only lived in california (5 years in Socal & 8 in Norcal). even tho this isnt my homeland, i love it very much.

here’s a little travelin music


speaking of translations, achiote press has just accepted a chapbook in translation (spanish to english) and we are VERY excited about this work. more details to come 😉


i will be bloggifyin’ while gone, so stay tuned and please keep those comments coming. for a question: what journals of translation do you recommend? what presses of translation do you recommend?


p.s. today is the last day to win the omnidawn blog trivia contest (FUNNY answers will get prizes also).



2 thoughts on “‘california rescue me’

  1. Cipher Journal’s great, and is becoming increasingly enormous. It feels rather more like an archive than a journal, which I like actually. And looking through the list of contributions again, I realized the massive quantity of familiar names. Who ever said translation was self-effacing . . . Anyway, Lucas Klein’s doing a splendid job. Best of all he’s open to (ahem) “weird shit” like beautiful psalms and “free translations” (whatever the hell that is) from popular French poets . . .

    Have fun at the sea, Sea . . .

  2. hey nicholas, ah yes, i dig cipher also…tho i never know when they publish something new…maybe i am not on the mailing list. i love your ‘free translations’ 🙂

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