brave old world


i took a nap today. havent taken a nap since the clinton administration. i need more naps in my life.

check out oscar’s great poem here.

in case you havent heard, ron silliman chose aram saroyan’s ‘complete minimal poem’ (ugly duckling presse) as the winner of the william carlos williams prize.
the craziest thing to me is that a writer whose work hardly gets talked about in terms of ‘ethnic’ poetry gets chosen for an award named after a writer whose work hardly gets talked about in terms of ‘ethnic’ poetry. i have an older essay (that needs revision) thinking about these two writers in just those terms and what they might mean for the current ‘ethnic-avant’–maybe the summer (my new mantra).

you can of course buy saroyan’s book from the UDP website, or you can read his works online at UBU

but you must read this article about saroyan and how one word he wrote caught the eyeyes of congress.

also, a nice pice by curtis faville here



7 thoughts on “brave old world

  1. Hey Craig,

    I myself want to start a movement called minianimalism.

    It could be poems about ants and shit in really small font.

    Anyways here’s a poem:

    Poem on leaving a comment over at Craig’s Blog

    ncjtkyhj–O I miss U vowels. Y?

    The title is from STC’s “Biographia Literaria.”

    and for an extra point, you also have O’Hara’s poem “Autobiographia Literaria.”

    Hey have you seen “Sarah Marshall”? There’s a pig-killing in it.

  2. A revision:

    Poem on leaving a comment over at

    ncjtkyhj–O vowels I miss U! Y? Sometimes.

  3. thanks for all the inspiration, gentlemen.

    craig, your nablogwrimo efforts continue to inspire me.

    javier, minianimalism has already set off a chain of events that will have every aphid quaking in their boots.


  4. From the more “obvious” ethnicities we seem to be more moving on to the more subtle (ignored? dominant? subsumed?) … have you seen the huge new Irish American Poetry Anthology?

  5. hey javier,

    i love the idea of minianimalism. you should include a magnifying glass with the collection 😉

    i hate sarah marshall. and we dont give no extra points around here!


    that is the best thing ever.

    hey glenn, thanks for commenting ;)i dont know if we are ‘moving on’ but def ‘moving towards’ the more subtle. i will have to check out the new irish american antho. who will send me a copy as i am a poor student ;(


  6. Well, you know, maybe there are some of us who really don’t care about or don’t want to be talked about in terms of ethnicity.

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