the san diego zoo & other enclosures


long travel day (tho not a very long distance). forgot to mention that i went to the san diego zoo yesterday. i dont like zoos, too implicated in the imperial project and yet almost a necessary evil to save what is endangered. tho it was a sunny day, i had a difficult time because the very first animal i saw was the Guam Rail , what we call the ko’ko’. it was a very strange lacanian moment to see my country’s bird in a little cage in san diego. it broke my heart. ugh, anyways, here are some pics of other animals (including the very rare upside down flamingoes!):


wait a minute, you might say, that’s not a wild animal, that’s the irish-american poet javier o’huerta!

in case you havent noticed, javier has written a follow up to the discussion of ‘i am joaquin’ with a post called “the 22nd comment”
(which to me sounds like the title of a sci-fi noir film about a poet blogger who after the 22nd comment begins to find and read blogs written by dead poets).

selinger comments on that blog post. spanking of selinger, he also writ a post on the topic at his blog here. AND he posted his letter to the editor response at the LPR site. and speaking of maria melendez, she blogradiotalks about the discussion here (i highly recommend you listen to the whole thing as she also reads some of her own AMAZING poems, along with a poem by valerie martinez (i got to see both of them speak on a panel at AWP).

i have much to say about all this, but alas my time is up for tonight. hopefully you will stop by tomorrow as NaBlogWriMo rolls on.


3 thoughts on “the san diego zoo & other enclosures

  1. thanks for plugging (and listening to) LPR’s first “audio segment,” MM and I are hoping to make this a a regular thing, and we have ideas on how to make things better: the bit of discussion at the end was too short, and I spoke too much at the beginning! i want to weave in an opening and closing “theme tune.” any suggestions?

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