on Friday’s reading

the reading at the Human Rights Summit at San Francisco State University on friday went very well. i read 3 poems: “Juan Malo & the Tip of America’s Spear” “Juan Malo & Where America’s Day Begins” and “from achiote”. 11 minutes on the dot. crowd was maybe 30-40 people…it was hard to tell because the room was very big. got to hear some great poets (all somehow related to SFSU…professors/students/friends). unfortunately, my pics of all 8 readers did not come out, so below you will see:

camille dungy, chad sweeney, maxine chernoff, and michael warr. it was my first time meeting michael warr and i didn’t know that he was co-publisher of Tia Chucha press and apparently he was roommates with luis rodriguez. luckily, he gave me his card so i hope we can stay in touch.

the video is of a band i saw (roger clyne and the peacemakers) friday night at slim’s in san francisco (yes, it was an all day city day).


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