thanks to everyone who commented below…i will respond soon and i hope others will too. debbie’s comment made me spit my hot tea all over my laptop from sudden laughter. thanks debbie!

anyhoo, did anyone notice the Guam flag that Clayton Banes posted on his blog? i’m so used to the invisibility that enshrouds my homeland that it sure did surprise me. but as you politically-minded folk prob know, guam has been getting some ‘attention’ from the primaries since the vote is so close. well, the vote on guam was close also: obama won by 7 votes! that’s only like 1/15 of all my cousins (only on my dad’s side).

there have been many articles and news clips about guam recently–some of which are completely offensive–others just blatantly ignorant. the most interesting one to me so far is this one, from PBS newshour. altho the clip employs a very typical and nauseating narrative of Guam, this narrative gets undercut in interesting ways by the two live interviews, which disrupt for a moment until they are subsumed again within the narrative.

despite the problems i have with the video, it gives some sense as to why i don’t consider myself ‘american’ (why i resist the narrative of inevitable ‘fusion’ as ‘american’) even tho i’ve been an immigrant in the states for nearly 13 years.


3 thoughts on “defusion

  1. Hey craig,

    I’ll watch the PBS video when I get home tonight.

    Being the great graduate student that I am, I get my news from the Daily Show.

    Jon Stewart: “I don’t know anything about Guam.”

  2. yeah, and also, JS said something not-very-nice about the shape of the island. I cringed a bit while he joked, but then remembered how much he razzed Indiana, Pennsylvania, etc.

    Hey! I want my point! I guessed this blog title AGES ago, Craig!


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