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thanks to everyone for all your comments! things have been crazy busy round here, but i do sometime soon want to respond to many of the previous threads.


you will be happy to know that the conference at UC Davis last week went very well…got positive responses to my paper and the co-panelists were very interesting. it was really nice to meet other indigenous writers from north & south america. tho every thing took twice as long because all the papers in english were translated into spanish, and all the papers in spanish were translated into english.


besides that, i finished all my final papers so i am officially done with my first year! the big paper for my required class (history and methodology) was a historiography of comparative ethnic experiences during world war II. 20 sources meant 20 extra books / articles that i had to read this semester. my other paper, for my class ‘situating the indigenous’ was easier as i only had to relate 4 of the books we already read for class to my dissertation research. havent received grades yet, but all i care is that i’m done!


this weekend, i will be presenting at another conference, but this time in san diego. and thankfully i dont have to write another paper as i will be giving a poetry workshop. the conference is called: “Guma’Famoksaiyan: Gathering Strength for the Journey Ahead”.

a description of Famoksaiyan:

“Famoksaiyan” translates to either “the place or time of nurturing” or “the time to paddle forward and move ahead.” We are a grassroots network of activists, scholars, students, community leaders and artists who seek to push a progressive political, economic and social agenda for Chamorros and their communities at the local, national and international levels, through the promotion of the work of decolonization and cultural/historical revitalization in their politics, creative endeavors and everyday interactions

you can learn more about the conference and Famoksaiyan here.


i return from san diego sunday night and on monday i begin teaching my first course at berkeley, an undergraduate 6-week summer Reading and Composition course in the ethnic studies department. i just finished (today!) printing my syllabus and reader–and checking registration, it looks like i’ll have 17 students. class is only 3 days a week, and then 1 day of office hours. i know it will be busy and crazy, but i look forward to it. the six books i have assigned are:

Reckonings: Contemporary Short Fiction by Native American Women
edited by Wong, Muller, & Magdaleno

Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri

Poeta en San Francisco, Barbara Jane Reyes

Dictee, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Drown, Junot Diaz

The Dew Breaker, Edwidge Danticat
here is the description of my course from my syllabus:

Our reading list includes a variety of literary genres by authors from different racial/ethnic perspectives. Yet each of these works, in some way, addresses the idea of “memory” and “history.” We’ll be asking many questions throughout this course: What is the role of “memory” and “history” for Ethnic American identity? How are memory and history expressed in Ethnic literature? What are the differences and similarities between individual memory and collective history? How do they intersect? How do these works question dominant histories? How do we understand our place in American society through memory and history?


oh yeah, my review of Port Trakl, by Jaime Luis Huenun, just went live at ZOLAND POETRY.



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