where I will be on saturday: SPT conference



My panel, on Saturday 11-1230, is called THE INTERNET, moderated by Stephanie Young. I will be presenting with Jasper Bernes and Erika Staiti on this topic:

Panelists will address the perils and possibilities of technologically mediated public spaces, specifically focusing on how new technologies may mystify, reproduce, or intensify existing racial, gender, and class divisions.

I will be talking about my essay, My Michael Magee and the Frontier of Democratic Symbolic Action. Also, I will explore the question, “Can the Subaltern Blog?” by looking at the role of ethnic bloggers in the blogosphere.

After that, there are many other exciting panels which i plan to attend. Am especially excited about the panel called “An Ethnic Avant Garde?” with Juliana Spahr, Tyrone Williams, and Bhanu Kapil.

PLEASE COME IF YOU CAN!!! I will be around the conference all day so let’s hang out!!!


another cool thing about this conference is that Stephanie Young is creating a comment box for the panel.

on her blog, she writes:

let’s say you live in the bay area but won’t be able for whatever reason to attend any of the panels this coming saturday as part of the AGGRESSION conference, or let’s say you live on the east coast of the united states, or let’s say you live in oxford, or let’s say you live in buenos aires, or let’s say you do plan on attending the conference but the Q&A is always a hard space to speak into, and let’s say you’ve read some of the materials that Jasper Bernes, csperez and Erika Staiti will be talking about at saturday’s panel on the internet, and then let’s go further and say there is a question you might want to ask the panelists from wherever you are? If any of the above is the case, may I present the comment box? Please send such questions along if you have them, and I will ask these questions of our panelists on Saturday morning.

so if you have any questions/critiques about my essay, send them along to her and i will try my best to answer them 😉


tomorrow night, i will be at this reading:

Readings from Tyrone Williams and Bhanu Kapil. Hosted by David Buuck. Directions/map to David Buuck’s house will be available at the conference, or email: smallpresstraffic@gmail.com


this is my third and final conference this month–wish me luck!!!



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