a picturesque life


4 weeks of class done, 2 to go. this week i taught poeta en san francisco and the students really dug the book. we also watched two movies in conversation with the book: Apocalypse Now and The Fall of the I-Hotel (a documentary).


too busy to talk-shit about other things going on in the po-mix, so instead here are some freshly downloaded pics from the last month or so.

Clayton Bane’s last reading at Pegasus (tear), featuring Meg Withers, Truong Tran, and Dustin Herron.


Aaron Shurin reading at Moe’s from his new city lights book: King of Shadows.


Erika Staiti, Jasper Bernes, and the “Group” at SPT’s Agression Conference in Oakland.


Beth Piatote reading to my class from her short stories in the anthology RECKONINGS: Short Fiction by Native American Women.


on a wine tasting trip with Javier Huerta and Maria Tuttle.



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