Alfred Arteaga (1950-2008)


Sad news: Alfred Arteaga has passed away. I’m so sad I can barely type. The pic above is from the last time I saw him–at the Berkeley campus bar a few months ago. I was honored to be able to interview him and review his newest book, Frozen Accident, for the Latino Poetry Review (click here to read). Achiote Press was also honored to publish some of his new poetry in our inaugural issue.

I was supposed to take a Poetic Theories course with him in the fall. I will miss him tremendously.

This blog will be silent for a week in honor of a wonderful teacher, poet, and friend.


4 thoughts on “Alfred Arteaga (1950-2008)

  1. Too young! Especially since I’m older than our late brother. Today the bell tolls for Alfred Arteaga. QEPD. Ave atque vale.

    Michael Sedano

  2. May Alfred be filled with blessings, light..

    Alfred was always kind, intelligent beyond measure, generous…vital..he took time to look at my work, to visit me in fresno, to invite me to his classes..we held a benefit for him a year or so ago…amor siempre

    a great friend

    Juan Felipe

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