Summer Reading 2


i’m officially in love with 1913 Press.

recently finished reading their two full-length collections:

Sightings: Selected Works 2000-2005, by Shin Yu Pai


Seismosis with text by John Keene and drawings by Christopher Stackhouse


Sightings contains four very different sections (2 were previously published, one as a chap and one as an artist’s book). the other two sections could be their own chapbooks as well (thus it seems smart to call this ‘selected works’. since i am new to her work, Sightings provides a nice intro to her range. the most interesting aspect of her work to me is its fearless visuality. you’ll have to read the book to see what i mean by ‘fearless’.

has anyone read her full-length book, Equivalence?

here’s her blog and website.


Seismosis is an incredible collaboration because the drawings and poetry dialogue with each other throughout and both are of equal intensity. i’ve never read Keene’s work before, so i was really excited after the very first poem because his work is amazing. it’s experimental, lyrical, intelligent, abstract, imagistic, rhythmic. there’s lyric poems, prose poems, visual poems. and not only is there an intro by Ed Roberson, but there’s an afterword by Geoffrey Jacques. anyone interested in the so-called ‘ethnic-avant’ must read the afterword (and the book, of course).

check out this short clip of Keene and Stackhouse reading (via Rabbit Light Movies)

John Keene & Christopher Stackhouse from joshuamarie on Vimeo.



4 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2

  1. Yes, I have Equivalence. I’ve been fan of Pai’s for a while. Her poems are visionary.

  2. Hey Craig, I reviewed Equivalence. It’s a lovely collection. If I find the link I will leave another comment. At the time I wrote the review I hadn’t yet read Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit. Not to say it’s necessary to do so, but I have to say I understand a bit more about Equivalence now after reading Ono.

  3. Oh good, it looks like you have found my review of Equivalence.

    And yes! Read Grapefruit! It took me a second to get into it, but after that second was over, I realized that Yoko Ono is pretty darn awesome.

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