some pics from this weekend’s readings

so last thursday, i had the pleasure of hearing barbara jane reyes read at accion latino in the mission, as part of the flor y canto event. it was the same night she found out about her book acceptance and she had great energy!


on saturday, i went to the artifact reading that featured lauren levin, jasper bernes, and sawako nakayasu. it was great to hear lauren read, whom i’ve met a number a times now. also great to her jasper read–i especially like the work he read from his book STARSDOWN. and great to hear & finally meet sawako nakayasu. i’ve reviewed 2 of her chapbooks (links in sidebar) and 2 of her books (my most recent review of her work is forthcoming). i just love her work. i just read her book of translations Four From Japan, which is a must read (i love how the book not only features poetry in translation and in the original, but it also features translated essays by each of the writers. perhaps most excitingly, she read from her newest book of translation just out from New Directions: For the Fighting Spirit of the Walnut. tho i havent read it yet, the book itself is quite beautiful–it does not look like a New Directions book at all. actually, this link is more what the book looks like.

anyhoo, here are some pics:



2 thoughts on “some pics from this weekend’s readings

  1. hey craig! thanks for coming to my reading – it was awesome for you and jenn to ‘split duties’ between my reading and javier’s.

    and thanks for the celebratory whiskey too.

  2. celebratory whiskey anytime!!! hey, do you still have new book contract smell on ya?


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