pam wrote another fantastic comment, go to the post below. i will comment on it soon, but first there’s news:

if you live in the bay area, YOU MUST come to this reading:

BACK ROOM LIVE ! SATURDAY NIGHT ! September 27th 2008 ! Javier O. Huerta ! Jenny Drai ! Stephen Vincent ! Sarah Garrigan ! Mc NALLY’S IRISH PUB 7pm !

check out more info here. and yes that is the privileged irish-mexican poet Javier O’Huerta of HARRIET BLOG famedom.


i also highly recommend buying NICHOLAS MANNING fresh new book NOVALESS.

achiote press published some Novaless poems in chapbook form, and those babies sold out quickly. i was lucky enough to read Novaless in whole manuscript form and it’s simply incredible. i even wrote a blurb for the book πŸ™‚

plus, nicholas gives ten enticing reasons to buy his book.


check our barbara jane reyes’ new e-chapbook at deep oakland called WEST OAKLAND SUTRA FOR THE AK-47 SHOOTER at 3:00 AM and OTHER OAKLAND POEMS.


last but definitely not least, i recently read stephanie young’s new book, PICTURE PALACE. buy it here so you won’t be jealous that i have a copy and you dont πŸ™‚



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