Austin, TX

one of the reasons i’ve been so behind on coursework and blogging is that i went to Austin Texas to present a paper at a graduate student conference sponsored by the american studies department. altho the keynote speaker sucked, my panel was very interesting–one student presented on Juan Felipe Herrera’s Mayan Drifter and the other presented a reading of Maxine Hong Kingston thru the lens of Levinas’ ethics. unfortunately, the panel was not well attended. however, i did have a wonderful time in austin…a really fun city–lots of bbq, music, and tequila. and there’s a pretty river. one of the coolest things was running into Hoa Nguyen…i didnt even know she worked at the university! she’s one of my favorite poets, and she was so kind to chat with me a bit in her office and to invite me to a reading she was hosting at her house that night (unfortunately i had other commitments). i was very excited to hear she has a new book coming out! cant wait.

anyhoo, here are some pics from the trip:


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