almost caught up

here are some pics from more poetry readings i’ve been to the last month:

i heard kathleen fraser at the artifact reading series:

i heard d.s. marriott at the holloway reading series:

this is the after dinner party for omnidawn’s poetry reading at moe’s, which featured lyn hejinian, paul hoover, maxine chernoff, hank lazer, and tyrone williams:

here’s the only pic i have from that reading because the lady in front of me had big hair and she brought her own seat cushion so i totally could not see. luckily when tyrone read i think she must have been in the bathroom. tyrone williams:

i heard janet mcadams at uc berkeley:

ALSO, i read at a halloween party/poetry reading hosted by the wonderful sara larsen, curator of earthworm poetry reading series. at the party, scott inguito & co painting artwork on the wall:

rodney koeneke was the other reader that night. i had met him before in portland, so it was great to actually see him read and talk with him. an amazing reader and poet! in this pic, he does a piece with nada gordon, who’s super cool tho i only got to chat with her for a few minutes:

sara larsen introducing:

the audience screaming when i took off my mask to read:

and chris chen:


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