what happened on monday


i was a guest speaker in truong tran’s Writers on Writing course at san francisco state university. he assigned my book to the course and i must admit it was strange reading in front of an audience (the class was about 60 students) that had read my book. at the same time, it was kinda nice because i didnt feel the same pressure to sell the book thru my reading. i could just read–which i did, for 20 minutes. after, the class asked very intelligent questions and i tried my best to answer them. one weird thing was that the class was in this giant auditorium–i was not prepared for such a big space–and the students were scattered all over the room–and the mic didnt work so i totally lost my voice after.

in related news, i have been excited to find out that my book is being taught in 3 other classes in the spring…two of which i am visiting. so if there are any other professors out there that want to teach my book, please know that i am more than willing to do a class visit–just holler at me (csperez06 [at] gmail [dot] com 😉

here’s a pic:

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