come to this all star reading on sunday!!!

Small Press Distribution
1341 7TH St at Gilman in Berkeley

Cheap Books, Free Readings,
Free Snacks, and a Poetry Trading Post—
It’s the SPD Open House!

SUNDAY, December 14, 2008, 12-4PM
Reading at 2pm

Berkeley, CA—Come to SPD’s ALL STAR READING EXTRAVAGANZA on Sunday, December 14th, at Small Press Distribution, the world’s only non-profit distributor of small press literary books. Shop our warehouse among 13,000 titles discounted 20-50%! The day features free readings, free snacks, and the famous SPD Poetry Trading Post, where you can bring a poem or even write one on the spot in exchange for a free book. Readers include:

* Michael Palmer
* Lyn Hejinian
* Rusty Morrison
* Craig Perez
* Stepahnie Young
* jovon johnson
* giovanni singleton
* Dan Fisher
* Sean Labrado y Manzano
* Brandon Ware
* Asia Taylor.

Small Press Distribution connects readers with writers by providing access to independently published literature. SPD allows essential but underrepresented literary communities to participate fully in the marketplace and in the culture at large through book distribution, information services, and public advocacy programs. SPD nurtures an environment in which the literary arts are valued and sustained.



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