here’s what happened on friday and saturday and sunday


on friday, i went to see my friend gabriela erandi rico read her poems at galeria de la raza in the mission. gaby won the Xochiquetzalli Award for Poetry. was also a pleasure to hear naomi quinonez, genny lim, and celeste guzman. This special event was a fundraiser for the forthcoming anthology by Native and Latina women artists and poets to be published by Macha Femme Press–a press i highly recommend keeping your eyes on. pics:


on saturday, i made a gingerbread house:


on sunday, i read as part of the all star extravaganza at spd books. wow there were lots of people there and i even received a gift certificate to read so i scored a bunch of poetry books. the coolest part was that when i was reading, my winged words lifted me off the ground!!! see:

tho i must admit i was crazy nervous because look who was in the first row: michael palmer and lyn hejinian!



6 thoughts on “here’s what happened on friday and saturday and sunday

  1. As they should be…just finished from Unincorporated Territory…wonderful, timely, engaging book…


  2. Wow, you levitated at your reading? Dope! See what I missed when I left the room?

    Also, um, very cute gingerbread house. Cool life you lead: electric slide, levitating, gingerbread house….

  3. yeah, i always heard rumors that poetry ‘lifts the soul’ and ‘raises consciousness’ but who knew it would actually lift me off the ground!!! crazy.

    sad news about the gingerbread house…the german family faulted on their mortgage so i had to eat the house 😦

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