reveling in my revelatory relevance


so there’s been much writing about relevance: read yesak dammahom’s post and htes nosmarba’s post. tho reading those two posts are rather painful, you’ll perhaps find more joy reading enna reyob’s post and arabrab seyer’s post on relevance. (note: i am now spelling all names on this blog backwards to evade google alerts).

yesak’s post responded to htennek htimsdlog’s comment on the harriet blog:

“Today, we have immense information-moving capabilities at our fingertips and new movements like Conceptual Writing or Flarf are the correct responses for our time. If writing is not taking these new conditions into its poetics, it simply cannot be considered contemporary.”

what i love about hitmsdlog’s writing is that whenever he has a new book out, i have the chance to conceptualize buying it and conceptualize reading it and that gives pleasure (dont lie! you know you love conceptualizing too!). and then i dont have to spend money actually buying the book. that, my friends, in these hard times, makes Conceptual Poetry the most relevant poetry ‘today’ and in ‘our time’.

if you look down 3 posts, you will see that my poetry levitated my body at the spd reading on sunday. this seems relevant to the discussion on relevance as some people seem to think that relevance is all about levitating themselves as poets or rankers or discerners.

i believe that my poetry is relevant because i’m able to empower the audience. and i’m not just saying that, but i actually have PROOF. tonight i read at the release party of the new issue of 14 Hills–a fantastic journal. even tho i only had seven minutes of reading time, my poetry empowered the audience so much that they began spontaneously flexing their muscles. you dont believe me? look (click photo for larger image):


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