NEWSFLASH: Galileo Discovers a Third Planet


it’s true, over at galileo’s blog, he writes:

“What if we were having a conversation about the three main threads of aesthetics in contemporary verse which ran more along these lines:

Pragmatic Poetry. Poetry whose primary linguistic device is pragmatics. Formerly: SoQ.
: Robert Bly

Syntactic Poetry. Poetry whose primary linguistic device is syntactics. Formerly: Post-avant.
Example: Ron Silliman

Cognitive-Semantic Poetry. Poetry whose primary linguistic device is cognitive semantics. Formerly: Unclassified. Example: Joshua Beckman.”

everyone should go over to galileo’s blog and thank him for freeing us from the constraining School O’ Quietude / post avant planetary system! now we have a third planet! and while we’re at it, we should thank him for defining our poetic universe as completely covered in whiteness! they should hire galileo over the poetry foundation, where 2008 was a snow white kind of year.


2 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: Galileo Discovers a Third Planet

  1. hey seth,

    unfortunately i am the least productive person i know, so i wont name the 10 amazing ethnic poets under 35 in my graduate dept of ethnic studies without MFAs. they include published, award winning poets, a publisher of a small zine of ethnic poetry, and even a kundiman fellow. but you know i have nothing against MFAs–i have an MFA and had a really good time attending university of san francisco (is that school ranked in your system?).

    the point is not to justify that you are ‘down with brown’, the point is to show how provincial your ideas are–despite your best nationalist and imperialist desires to deprovincialize your ideas.

    pointing out the whiteness of your examples as indicative of your reductive views is just that. there are many many more aesthetic threads, many more poetries–as barbara puts it–that dont fit into your settled schema.

    even in your discussion of poetry’s relevance to American culture is logically flawed at the get go because you take the existence of ‘american culture’ as a given and not as a reductive assumption. there are many ‘american cultures’ and some are so contradictory that they can never be reconciled.

    anyhoo, it’s fine if you want to stay within your settled logic, but just realize that the soap-box you think you are standing upon actually ensnares you within its confines.


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