where i’ve been these past two weeks


xmas eve i went with my mom & brother to see phantom of the opera in san francisco:

i spent xmas and days after with my family. then i returned home to attend the SPD poetry spectacular. fun seeing lots of friends and hearing many many many many too many poets read. esp cool hearing voices from poets i’ve only heard of but never been in the presence of:

the next day (the 30th) i zipped down to southern california for new years. one thing i did was wine taste and olive oil taste in temecula. yes, temecula. actually, quite fun and tasty. these pics are from a winery called duffo–recommended if you are in that area ever:

i also went to the san diego wild animal park at night…they have something called festival of lights where the park is open at night and there are lots of xmas lights. you can even see the animals, but they are mostly sleeping:

i had some time walking along the beach in orange county. very pretty. my new favorite thing is ‘salmon & chips’ YUM!

finally i went to mission san juan capistrano (dont ask). it’s actually quite a beautiful place. no wonder why all the natives in the paintings and dioramas at the mission look so happy!

seriously tho, my favorite part of the mission–and all the missions i’ve ever been to–are the cemeteries. i’ve never met a dead spanish missionary i didnt like:

now i’m back home. back to regular blogging soon 🙂



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