Issue #6 of Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics


Issue #6 of Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics is now available with:

a feature on The Prose Poem in Italy, introduced by Luigi Ballerini and curated by Ballerini with Gian Lombardo. It includes work by Mariano Baino (translated by Lombardo), Maurizio Cucchi (translated by Amy-Louise Pfeffer), Angelo Lumelli (translated by Maria Esposito Frank), Giampiero Neri (translated by Stephen Sartarelli), Tiziano Rossi (translated by Olivia E. Sears), and Leonardo Sinisgalli (translated by Brendan Hennessey)

work by Nin Andrews, Alexios Antypas, Sally Ashton, Sanjukta Bandyopadhyay translated by Carolyne Wright with Paramita Banerjee, BJ Best, Jen Bills, Sean Mclain Brown, Suzanne Burns, Sean Casey, Joseph Cooper, Patrick Crerand, Thad DeVassie, Paul Dickey, Amy Dickinson, Ray DiPalma, Denise Duhamel, Alison Espach, Michael Estabrook, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Charles Fort, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Allan Gann, Christien Gholson, Lawrence Goeckel, Noah Eli Gordon, Mark Halperin, Michael Jauchen, Ken Jones, Norman Jope, Michaela Kahn, Janet Kaplan, Evelyn Lauer, Caroline Ledeboer, Daniel Liebert, Nancy Lord, Rupert Loydell, Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Sebastian Matthews, James Maughn, Michael Meyerhofer, Caroline Morrell, Fred Muratori, Amy Newman, Craig Perez, Deniz Perin, Shazea Quraishi, Daniel Remein, Pamela Rhodes, Siobhan Scarry, Steven D. Schroeder, Shawqi Abi Shaqra (translated by Tahseen al Khateeb), Brenda Sieczkowski, Mary Austin Speaker, Peter Stavropoulos, JeFF Stumpo, Ed Taylor, Dawn Tefft, Mark Terrill, Mark Tursi, Jon Veinberg, Liz Waldner, Laura Walker, JE Wei, Derek White, Kim Whitley, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Stephanie Woolley-Larrea, Theodore Worozbyt, and Changming Yuan

reviews by Joe Ahearn, Cara Benson, Julia Bloch, Michel Delville, Lea Graham, Farid Matuk, Ellen McGrath Smith, and Rebecca Spears,

an essay, “High and Low: Photographic Strategies in Paris Spleen” by Craig Medvecky

Subscriptions, individual copies, discounted back issues, and the full Firewheel Editions catalog are available from, where you can purchase via PayPal or obtain info to order by check. Subscriptions and individual copies of #6 are also available at Amazon and EBSCO.



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