AWP 3: Slack Buddha, Noemi & Puerto del Sol


our AWP table was surrounded by good company: Slack Buddha Press to our left and Noemi Press & Puerto del Sol across from us. Slack Buddha is edited by Bill & Lisa Howe–two of the coolest folks around. on the first night, i visited them in their room where Susan Schultz and Tom Orange were ‘chillin’. a bottle of whiskey, a box o’wine, and strewn everywhere were Slack Buddha chapbooks–made and in production. they were cutting and binding new chaps right there in the Hilton. i own many of their chapbooks and my new purchase this time around was Rob Halpern’s WEAK LINK. unfortunately, i can’t find their website so i dont know how you can buy them. too bad.

Noemi press is here
. i have 5 of their chapbooks–beautiful poetry and high production quality. at this AWP, i picked up a new chapbook: Archipelago, by Brent Armendinger. haven’t read it yet, but i will prob review it if i have the chance. also, they had their first full-length book available, which i am excited about, tho i havent yet picked up a copy. Carmen Gimenez Smith is the publisher, and it was very nice to be able to chat with her a bit when she was at the table.

Carmen is also the editor of Puerto del Sol, a beautiful journal that has rejected my work twice! i keep submitting because i really admire the journal. check out their new website here. and def grad their new issue–pretty hot.



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