AWP 4: LATIN@ Modernisms Panel & Elsewhere in Blog World


so i did go to two panels at AWP. the first being a panel on Ekphrastic Feminist Poetry–which was exciting, tho i went only because my first poetry professor was on the panel–Joy Manesiotis. she was trained as a painter and had many interesting things to say. besides poetry workshop, i took a class with her called ‘new york school of poets and painters’–one of my fav courses in college.

the second panel i went to was called Latin@ modernisms, which featured J. Michael Martinez, Gabe Gomez, Carmen Gimenez Smith, and Achiote Press co-founder Jennifer Reimer. a very interesting and wide-randing panel. here’s a pic of the motley crew:

after the panel, i did buy a new chapbook from Breach Press, the brainchild of gabe & michael, which features innovative latino writing. dig their website here. the chapbook features work by gabe, micheal, carmen, rosa alcala and roberto tejada. totally badass lineup. and the design is also innovative. check out this pic i took from my comp:

you should contact them and see if you can get a copy as it doesn seem to be on their website yet. i believe if you mention that you heard about thru my blog you get a 10% discount.


Elsewhere, barbara has a GREAT post here. seth has a wonderful post here (shocking i know, jk). and johannes has a think piece here (and i actually commented in the comment box, which i never do!)


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