PICS from SEATTLE bookfest


seattle was great! got back on monday night. the bookfest was much fun–and the reading/q&a went well–tho i was not at all expecting the q&a. besides the bookfest, got to spend some time with the awesome poets shin yu pai & brandon shimoda. if you dont know their work, you must! having dinner with them at the oldest japanese restaurant in seattle was one of the highlights of the trip. also, got to attend a reading at the 1412 gallery and had the pleasure of meeting leonard schwartz! so cool. plus he read from a new manuscript! also chatted for a few minutes with nico vassilakis (i think that was him!!!). finally, had a chance to spend a few drinks with brandon, joseph bradshaw and a poet named roman. anyhoo, some pics:

bookfest venue:

one of the morning panels:

shin yu pai reading at the bookfest:

leonard schwartz:

joseph bradshaw, brandon shimoda, nico vassilakis, and a woman i dont know:



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