so many loose ends. but here are some updates from the past week.

the one and only simon ortiz came to UC berkeley as part of our Indigenous Writers series. i had the honor of attending his lecture, poetry workshop, and fancy dinner:


i also read in san francisco at the babylon salon with one of my favorite peoples kate brady (a professor at USF). about 40 people in the audience. i was the only poet reading (with 3 other fiction writers!). thanks to the babyonians for this reading! my pic of the audience didnt come out so here’s one of kate:


i also attended the PAWA Field of Mirrors anthology reading at the Ethnic Studies library. they started late and i had to leave early, so didnt get to hear all the readers, but i was happy i got to see barbara jane reyes and tony robles read–and got to chat with oscar bermeo. some pics:


finally, i did another reading in san francisco, but this time for Small Press Traffic at California College of the Arts–a very cool space. thanks to SPT and Samantha Giles! bonus: i got to read with Stacy Szymaszek! double bonus: Erica Kaufman (of Belladonna* Books) was here too! she has a new book out, which i am getting soon. pics: stacy & samantha:

not sure how many people in attendance…maybe 40-50? lots of my favorite bay area poets (too many to name). and i actually read NEW WORK. shocking. i was very happy with the turnout-considering there were sooo many readings this weekend-and i was ecstatic that many people in the audience had a question for me during the Q & A session–which lasted almost 2 hours!!! i was so shocked by all the questions that i had to take a picture:

after the marathon Q&A, i got to hang out with some folks at a bar–and guess what: TISA BRYANT was in town from New York!!! she’s awesome! and i learned that she taught my book in her class (she teaches at St John’s). do you have her book? you should cuz it’s fantastic. had the pleasure of chatting with tisa, david buuck, and juliana spahr at our little table. juliana & i ended up writing a collaborative “docu-poem” on the napkins–we’re going to send it to Nada. it was not our fault; twas a west coast foggy night. anyhoo, here’s a pic of tisa and david:


that’s all ok bye



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