where i will be Tues-Sunday & NEW review


i will be presenting a paper at the American Comparative Literature Association conference in Boston this week. conference theme is Global Languages, Local Cultures. should be fun. description from their website:

ACLA 2009: Global Languages, Local Cultures

From the early spreading of languages such as Greek, Chinese, Latin, and Arabic across broad regions to the present age of globalization, local literary cultures have long had to interact with hegemonic languages and literatures of foreign origin. As Hutcheson Macaulay Posnett argued in his book Comparative Literature as early as 1886, world literature first arose in antiquity long before the rise of the individual national literatures. The theme of “Global languages, local cultures” can offer avenues into many lines of inquiry: explorations of “minor literatures”; regionalism and transregional relations; empires and postcolonial situations; interactions of literature with religious and philosophical traditions; classical literatures and modern offshoots or responses; “standard” languages, creoles, and vernaculars; movements of genres into new cultural spaces; translation theory and practice; relations of literature, music, film, and other arts.


in the meantime, i have a new review of Tracy Smith’s DUENDE in the current issue of the COLORADO REVIEW. the issue is not on their website yet tho.



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