report from Boston

returned late last night from boston and what a beautiful spring day it is in california! the conference was massive–a couple hundred panels at harvard u over the weekend. the panel i was on featured 12 scholars from around the world–our theme was “the city at war”. i presented a paper on two novels from the pacific, while the other presentations included: graffiti in berlin, photo in prague, diaries in leningrad, a poet in belfast, novels in bogota, a novel in beirut, novels set in bombay & calcutta, a novel about harlem, a novel set during the spanish civil war. i must say that comparative literature peoples are really cool folk–the global perspective of our panel was quite exciting. anyhoo, had a really great time in boston–didnt have much time for sightseeing, but was able to walk the ‘freedom trail’ before the conference started. i was hoping to grow a little smarter from walking around the harvard campus, but i dont think that it worked. boo.

would like to blog more, but i am leaving for san diego on wednesday for the National Association of Ethnic Studies conference. check out more about the conference here.

the panel i’m on looks interesting:

Creating and Transgressing Border


Annette Reed (California State University, Sacramento)


Indigenous Border-Crossing Collaborations: Mohawk/Samoa Transmigrations
Craig Perez (University of California, Berkeley)

The Challenge of Ethnicity Across International Boundaries: A Critical Analysis
of the Zaghawa and Mandingo Ethnic Groups in Africa
Solomon Akinboye (University of Lagos, Nigeria)

Borders, Place Identities, and Inequalities in San Diego and Tijuana
Kristen Maher (San Diego State University)

Transgressing the Bounds of Genre, Justice and Ethnic Cultural Production:
Strategic Crossings in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Border Novel, Tropic of Orange
Linda Greenberg (University of California, Los Angeles)



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