NaBlogWriMo 6: pics from thursday’s event


the event posted below was really fun. i spoke to a class of about 20 or so students who had read my book. they had incredibly smart questions and comments about poetry, politics, activism, and form. the hour long class went by way too quickly! wish i could have spent more time with them. after the class visit i read with a few student poets in the cafeteria of los medanos college. the puente group (who sponsored the event) brought homemade enchiladas (with a portable oven to boot) to sell. they were deelicious! big thanks to professor maria tuttle, her students, the puente program, and all the cool students and generous faculty i met at los medanos college (and a special thanks to javier huerta for driving with me and making sure i didnt get lost!). some pics (click on photos to enlarge):

poetry and enchiladas (it doesnt get much better than that):

hotties (their shirts read “the most dangerous weapon is an educated latino”):

more hotties:



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