New Review Live at Zoland Poetry


speaking of reviews,

my review of Doveglion: The Collected Poems of Jose Garcia Villa is now live at Zoland Poetry Review online.

there’s also a review of Gabriela Jauregui’s Controlled Decay, which i HIGHLY recommend.



4 thoughts on “New Review Live at Zoland Poetry

  1. Craig, wow, this is an excellent and comprehensive review of Villa! Thank you so much! BTW I've excerpted your review and linked to Zoland on the PAWA blog.

    I really like how you've broken it down from volume to volume, Villa's concern being larger than the single book. And I especially appreciate your placing him within the context of modernist orientalism. There is no reason to shy away from such discussion when it's so obvious.

    Finally, I really like your criticism of of Villa's emptying poetry of social and political significance. I can't help but think this is a contradiction, that Villa seemed to he very aware of that modernist orientalist context but didn't acknowledge the political importance of it? Do you feel like his poetry addressed it, even when it was mostly about God, art, sex, et al?

    Then again, that was another time in which he was writing, and apparently with few allies.

  2. hey b,

    thanks for your nice words!

    that's a good question–personally i dont feel he addresses it in his poetry–tho i have read a few things here and there that politicize his writing on god in terms of colonial catholicism. i'm not really convinced by this argument, but am open-minded about it. i think it's hard to politicize his work when he so adamantly writes against this kind of reading.

  3. Great review – I enjoyed reading it… prob'ly the best one of Doveglion I've seen. Thank you for the link!

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