A New Review of…..MY BOOK!


it seems that all my bitching and moaning about reviews has paid off…for ME! haha the plan worked out splendidly. big thanks to Jacket Magazine and to Mary Kasimor! an excerpt of the review is below, but do read the whole review here. and you might as well (since you’re already online) buy my book at SPD 😉

“I have read from UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY several times over and have concluded that this collection is exquisitely put together and needs to be read. Unfortunately, poetry is not read by a wide audience. However, for those of us who read poetry and understand the importance of poetry, this is an important book. Perez gives the reader a subtle and serious version/vision of Guam (Guahan) that is necessary in understanding the country and other countries of colonization. Perez gives us much to think about through ideas and feelings in the poems. We are also given a personal vision of lives, language, geography, and culture on this island. I have not thought about Guam in many years, but after reading this collection, I will certainly approach Guam and other U.S. territories with a different understanding of what colonization means to this places that we consider part of us―and yet a part from us.”



2 thoughts on “A New Review of…..MY BOOK!

  1. Hi Craig, It's me, Mary. It was an honor to review your book and to have my review published in Jacket. Your poetry is wonderful. I enjoyed reading it, and after reading it several times over, it became even more complex and interesting–always a good sign in poetry. Good luck to you.
    Mary Kasimor

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