Crazy Poet Spotlight 1: Oscar Bermeo


Welcome to the new ‘Crazy Poet Spotlight’ series here at Blogslinger! I was hoping to begin this series when I was chosen to be a blogger at the Poetry Foundation Blog, but that will never happen.

Oscar Bermeo was just featured over at the Letras Latinas Blog. And I just want to add that I really love Bermeo’s poetry & chapbooks as well. If they are still available, you should try to get one from him thru trade (I couldnt find the post where he offers it for trade, but maybe if you comment on his blog he will help you).

not too long ago, I cruised with Javier O’Huerta to Bermeo’s 21st birthday party (he’s legal now ladies!!!). What makes Bermeo ‘Crazy’ is that when it was time to cut the ice cream cake, he totally did a flurry of karate chops! strangely, the cuts came out so perfectly and precisely! crazy.
a pic to prove it:


One thought on “Crazy Poet Spotlight 1: Oscar Bermeo

  1. Ha! You caught me in my (semi) b-boy stance. But you know the only reason I was busting my freshest moves was in response to your dope human beatbox skills.

    Brrrr! Stick 'em!

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