Poetry is Dead, I Hate Poetry, All Poetry Sucks


on Saturday, i attended the PAWA reading at the SFPL, curated by Barbara Jane Reyes. was so excited to hear two friends read: Debbie Yee and Kristin Naca. i’ve heard debbie read before, but it was nice to hear a longer set from her fairytale like poems. and so cool to hear Kristin read after seeing her smiley face in Minnesota–and i also got to see her galley of her forthcoming book…crazy magic! was also a pleasure to hear poets new to me: Randall Mann & Mariano Zaro. a great crowd and a powerful sense of community before, during, and after the reading. some pics of the q & a:

after the reading, the readers, organizers, & their entourage went to have some treats at Citizen Cake. i had a soy latte, choco-chip cookie, and carrot cake cupcake. yum! barbara & oscar ordered 3 cupcakes for themselves to share:

and oscar did his now infamous karate chop to cut them in half:

and then it was chow time (not a drop of wine spilled):


on Monday (last night!!!) i read at Pegasus with some beautiful native oceania women poets: maile arvin, fui niumeitolu, loa niumeitolu, and caroline sinavaiana.

a great crowd showed up…standing room only…maybe 35-50 people (?). great sense of community before, during, and after the reading. and the women readers kicked ass…some pics:





unfortunately, the crowd was NOT so enamored by my poetry. i read from my second book, which i am currently working on, and now i dont feel so confident about the work. it’s frustrating–people seem to like my first book, and i will read new work and people hate it. ugh. the audience couldnt even bear to listen:

EVEN little children and their poor mothers can’t stand my new work. THE HORROR!!!:



island hotties:


5 thoughts on “Poetry is Dead, I Hate Poetry, All Poetry Sucks

  1. I know, I know, poetry is so dead and irrelevant. Poetry is crusty white man reading in a language none of us understand. Poetry is never about things we care about. Sucks!

    wordver = waquakar

  2. craig,
    that looks terrific

    can you contact me at Jacket please ?
    I've lost your email & your reviews are up on the web ready for proofing

    Cheerio from Pam

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