APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit: BAY 09


yesterday afternoon i gave a workshop at BAY09: the 5th annual Asian Pacific Islander American Spoken Word and Poetry Summit, held at UC Berkeley. thanks to all those who came to the workshop & engaged! i hope i’ll get to be a part of the summit again next year!

check out their mission statement and history at their awesome website here.

a description of my panel:

New Poetry from Guahan (Guam) and Its Political Contexts

Craig Santos Perez (Achiote Press, Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley)

This workshop will discuss contemporary poetry written by native Chamorus from Guam and the diaspora. We will explore written work that is currently being gathered into an anthology of Chamoru literature, as well as spoken word poetry emerging from the Sinangan-ta movement on Guahan. In addition, we will familiarize ourselves with the social, political, and cultural contexts of Guahan and the Chamoru people, focusing on how issues of militarization, colonialism, and self-determination become articulated through poetry. Finally, we will try our hand at responding to some of these issues by working on some poems of our own.


i may post more about the workshop another day, but my internet connect has been kinda sketchy! arg. and i have no pics as my phone was dead yesterday! argx2!



One thought on “APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit: BAY 09

  1. Hey Craig, wow, glad to hear you did a panel at this summit. I'd seen their call for workshop/panelists and Pacific Islander representation, and had thought of you. Looking forward to hearing about it!

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