the worst thing about being a book reviewer is…


…falling behind. i really didnt write many reviews this year. which is to say i wrote only what i was on deadline to write. and books kept coming in, piling up. and i thank all the editors and writers who sent me review copies & i apologize for the delay.

in the past 10 days, i’ve finally been able to catch up: 13 reviews done (with one to go). i’ve begun querying editors to get these reviews out into the world…and i need your advice:

what review venues do you regularly read?
do you edit a magazine/journal that is currently looking for reviews?
where have you published reviews?

please help! i currently have 20 unpublished reviews that need a home!

i may at some point list the books i’ve reviewed, if anyone’s interested.

p.s. i forgot to celebrate my 50th published review, which was like 1 review ago (i’m now up to 51). so yes, that’s 71 reviews written in total since 2007 (as you can tell from the reviews link sidebar to the right (and down) i’ve also completely fallen behind on adding links to all my reviews–bleh).

i thot it would be cool to write 100 reviews by the time i’m 30 years old, but i turn 30 in February, so i dont think that’s gonna happen. oh well.



7 thoughts on “the worst thing about being a book reviewer is…

  1. hey,

    are any of the reviews of first books? if so, send them to the editor of boxcar poetry review.

  2. Hey C, if you have any Filipino American authored titles, we'll take them for PAWA's blog, if you are interested.

  3. j, haha–i cant send you the review before it's been pubbed! when you coming back to the bay anyways?

    b, unfortunately no fil-am authored titled (whaddup with dat?) but the next one will go straight to Pawa! thx!


  4. hey craig,

    I generally write reviews for Octopus, Galatea Resurrects, Sink Review and Cold Front Magazine.

    I know Tarpaulin Sky is looking for reviews.

    You can query Gently Read Literature, Harp & Alter and The Chapbook Review (if it's a chapbook) which are all sites I tend to read reviews.

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