Teachability 2


a handful of courses teaching my book this coming school year…one of which is English 273: Creative Writing and Literature at Univ Hawaii Manoa, taught by prof susan schultz. here’s what she says on her blog:

“August is the month to spread the syllabic seeds, plan courses, set forth expectations, say no to cell phones, ipods, and texting in class. The syllabus is map to an undiscovered place–not a new continent, but the place you live in already whose details are still hidden. It points, like my son pointing at a bird. But that’s why it’s a scary thing. For me, the syllabus sets forth the promise of what books and poems can do for a (usually timid) reader; for the student, the syllabus is a mix of possibility and danger (how many tardies do an absence make?) I’ll be teaching two courses this Fall, English 273: Creative Writing & Literature, and English 410: Form & Theory of Poetry. The first is an introductory course of recent vintage; I like this course because it institutionalizes the way I like to teach anyway, mixing reading and writing in equal measure. This Spring I taught it with an emphasis on documentary writing, including C.D. Wright’s, One Big Self, about Louisiana prisons and Lisa Linn Kanae’s Sista Tongue. This semester we’ll read Eleni Sikelianos’s The Book of Jon. We will also be studying and riffing off books by Craig Santos Perez, Kamau Brathwaite, Joe Brainard. And we’ll begin by reading and writing haiku, poems wedded to the tangible world. The other course is upper level; in it, students think about writing as they do it. So I’ve put Lofty Dogmas on the reading list for its essays by poets on poetry. And, for the first time in over a decade, I’ll be teaching Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris’s Volume 1 of Poems for the Millennium. It’s still my favorite of their anthologies. I’ve posted drafts of my syllabi here and will be refining them over the next few days.”

do check out the syllabi–pretty cool stuff! i look forward to blogging with her class in november! and, if you are not subscribed to her blog yet, you must do so here.



4 thoughts on “Teachability 2

  1. Isn't Susan Shultz your publisher? Kind of ironic that a poet who goes into petulant, superficial, and often fallacious rants about the Po-Biz has a publisher who shamelessly self-promotes a book from her own press. Guess we're all sinners in the same boat.

  2. first of all, "Po-Bizz" is spelled with 2 "z"s.

    second of all, what does fallacious mean?

    third of all, you can't hate on susan for teaching my book…my book is just that damn good 😉

    fourth of all, this has nothing to do with Po-Bizz but everything to do with Po-Comm (Poetry Community)–if you've been reading my petulant and superficial posts, you would know the difference. why not teach the books your press published if those books are 1) interesting and 2) fit the subject of the class?

    fifth of all, if i was ever in the same boat with you, i would throw you over (being a sinner and all 😉

    in suburban ecstasy,

  3. What a laughable irrelevant myopic person you've proven yourself to be. Your irrelevancy probably makes it easy for you to think you actually have a point to make.

    There is nothing wrong with Susan teaching your book. Though it is ironic. And the logic behind your ideas about Po-Comm are Po-Obtuse and Po-Trite. Forgive me that I can't tell the difference since your blog seems to confuse them all. Has Berkeley stopped requiring all students make arguments based on fact and research or has that just been deemed appropriate for PhD blowhards?

  4. is that you mom?

    how is it ironic if susan teaching my book has nothing to do with po-bizz but everything to do with po-comm? forgive me, but they dont teach us irony at berkeley 😦

    omg i love how you can add "po" to any word and it's funny!!!


    i'll call you tomorrow mom! miss you!


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