When Po-Comm Goes Po-Bizz: The Sackett Street Writer’s Workshop


wow. i’m starting to think that when you get an MFA from IOWA they make you take business classes.

have you ever heard of The Sackett Street Writer’s Workshop? here’s their description:

The Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop was founded in 2002, and what began as eight writers meeting in the cramped kitchen of a Brooklyn brownstone has developed into a creative home for over 500 short-story writers, novelists, memoirists and essayists.

After graduating from The Iowa Writers’ Workshop and teaching creative writing at multiple universities, Julia Fierro found herself looking for a community of writers outside academia. Weary of overcrowded New York City writing workshops, and disappointed by the lack of emphasis on craft in university creative writing classes, she placed an ad on Craigslist, accepted eight writers and The Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop was born.

Each week, huddled around Julia’s small kitchen table, the writers discussed not only what makes fiction engaging, but how to incorporate these successes into their own work. As word of the workshop quickly spread, more writers applied and Julia assembled a faculty of instructors with an equal passion for teaching.

Selected from a pool of over one hundred applicants, Sackett Street instructors are professional writers, teachers and editors, who have earned MFA degrees from prestigious writing programs and have taught at major universities. Just like that first workshop in Julia’s kitchen, all Sackett Street workshops are taught in the comfort of instructor’s homes and are limited to eight writers to insure individual attention.

Today, Sackett Street writers live in all boroughs of New York City and more than half return to the workshops for multiple sessions. Alumni have been accepted at top MFA Creative Writing programs and writing conferences, have won fellowships and awards, and have completed and published short fiction collections, novels, and memoirs.


interesting huh? their prices range from 350-400 dollars (full prices here). including their 8 week MFA application workshop.

they also have an MFA consultation:

Because Sackett Street instructors have attended some of the top MFA Programs (The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Columbia University, New York University) in the country, Sackett Street is a great place to find concrete advice on how to get accepted into not only the best MFA programs, but the programs that are best for you.

Meet one-on-one with a Sackett Street instructor to discuss what programs would be the best fit for you. Find out the difference between a small program (7 writers accepted each academic year) and a larger program (25 writers accepted a year). What schools offer the best financial aid? What are the pros and cons of attending rural university vs. an urban university? Which programs have faculty that will be most accessible? What can you do with an MFA in Creative Writing?

Instructors can help you decide which of your stories or novel excerpts will make the most impressive sample for your application, as well as assisting you in polishing that sample.

We also offer MFA Application Prep Workshops which use in-class discussion, handouts and instructor advice to help students decide which MFA programs are best for them.
The course features advice on the personal essay, recommendation letters, choosing work for manuscripts, and discussion of the pros and cons of various programs. The stories/excerpts students intend on including in their applications will be workshopped, and feedback from the instructor and class participants will help polish application manuscripts. This course is open to story-writers, novelists and nonfiction writers.

Sackett Street alumni have been accepted at more than thirty-five acclaimed graduate writing programs.


compared to ALC, Sackett feels much more homey…much more let capitalist grandma help you with your MFA application around the kitchen table. and i guess their 8-week MFA prep workshop is quite a deal compared to ALC’s MS consult. but, you have to live in NY.

so what do folks think? you like Sackett? would you use their service? are they more or less evil than ALC (and why)?


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