interview with truong tran


read this fantastic interview with truong tran & lucas rivera.


Truong Tran: Coming to terms with language means that I’m coming to terms with the politics of language and the politics of writing. In my twenties, I had stories to tell and endings to arrive at. I thought I was being authentic but in fact I was writing into an expectation of who I should be as a writer. I don’t regret responding to those expectations. I was expected to deliver the boat story and in a way I did just that. I am less inclined to do so now that I’m 40. I’m bored of that familiar story of identity. This is not to say that my writing is no longer about identity. I write what I know and imagine what I do not know. My identity will always be embedded in that equation. It’s just that identity is far more complicated at 40 as opposed to my twenties. I’ve given myself the permission to be private in my writing. Part of my writing process now is to take meaning back. The experiential component of my work is private. It is mine and mine alone. What the reader gets from this engagement is entirely theirs. Is this what you mean when you talk about accessibility? I would never write in an effort to exclude but I am more private these days.


thanks to those who commented on the first ever Author Webpage Battle! it was very informative…and i’d say the battle ended in a tie–so both tina & victoria are winners! congrats to you both. join us next week for Battle #2.



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