What happened on Saturday: Studio One Reading


last night, i went to the Studio One Reading in Oakland, featuring poets Gillian Hamel & Truong Tran. it was great to hear Gillian read again (we’ve read together once before) and it was awesome to hear truong again–who i’ve heard many times and who has my teacher during mfa. one thing different about this reading is that truong read from 3 different books! pretty cool to hear some of the older work aloud.

i love the Studio One Reading Space (pictured below)…there was a full, and i mean FULL, house (like 50 people or so). and lots of tasty wines and good people. thanks to sara mumolo for putting together such a great series–and also great to see clayton banes, who is now a part of the team there.

the next Studio One Reading: Brenda Hillman & Giovanni Singleton!

some pics:

(note: yes, that’s oscar bermeo sitting right in front of me. he pretty much goes to all the readings that i go to and he sits right in front of me just to ruin my pictures!)



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